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Activation & Priming

Injury and Performance Management

Activation & priming is the process of preparing the body for activity and involves 'Waking up' your muscles and joints before hitting the gym. You could then ask, is that not the same as warming up? Not quite and you’ll see why as you continue reading.

Activation and Priming uses the MMC (Mind-Muscle Connection) which is the ability to properly connect with the muscles and joints that will be performing work in your chosen activity.

Don’t they just do the work? Yes, some muscles will do the work, but the question then is, are they working optimally? are you contracting ALL the muscles that can do the work, are you protecting your structure in the best way possible.

If you repeat a certain action correctly often enough then you will be able to easily call upon that same action. On the other hand, if you’ve not yet programmed your system properly, you will have to think more, you will have to connect more, you will have to drill more. This is where Activation and Priming using the MMC helps with ensuring your body is optimised for performance. 



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