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Frank Jarrett

Striking Coach & NZ MMA Representative

Frankie Jarrett is a particularly talented fighter with a strong amateur background in Boxing. He joined the CORE MMA team in 2012 with his brothers, sister and cousin in order to bring up his Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling game - and quickly to this competition format aswell, winning silver at the Icon BJJ Tournament 2012 after only 2 weeks of classes. He has continued to become a well-rounded competitor and has taken several wins in the MMA arena, including over well-regarded Morgan Teasdale. A staple member of the fight team, Frank also took up a coaching role throughout 2014 - leading our team into our first foray in the corporate boxing world (of which we have taken 8 from 8 in 2014).
In early 2015, Frank took part in the "Road to Vegas" Lightweight Eliminator tournament to find a Lightweight Representative for New Zealand at the International MMA Federation (IMMAF) Amateur World Championships in Las Vegas. Frank won both fights on consecutive nights to be listed in the 2015 New Zealand team - defeating the highly regard Talor Wetere and Morgan Teasdale for the second time. Frank was also selected to return to Las Vegas as a New Zealand Rep in 2016.

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